Personalised Packaging

The one place to get your custom all its shapes, forms and numbers.

The world of packaging is as vast as it is diverse. If you’re at a point where you’re looking for interesting packaging ideas or inspirations, then you’ll find the best packaging inspiration right here with us. Coming from a wide number of industries (ecommerce, retail, barcode, packaging, media, communication, marketing, advertising) and spanning a number of products (stationary, labels, packaging, barcodes), you can see how Citta Packaging ‘s customers have leveraged the blank canvas colorful with our personal packaging.


Packaging by branded material: Citta Packaging’s range of packaging is a collection of short stories and work about how small and medium-size brands just like yours have used unique packaging design and concepts to create a memorable experience for their customer.

Packaging design and branding: It’s essential that your packaging design reflects your business branding. With consumer loyalty being increasingly important, consumers prefer a brand that is consistent in the way it brands itself. You spend a lot of time and money designing it, making sure that it reflects your brand’s uniqueness. Therefore it’s crucial that these elements are echoed in your packaging. And here you’ll find the best packaging inspiration that does exactly that.

Creative boxing: At the end of the day, yes, it’s a simple cardboard box. But to your customer, it’s the first physical touchpoint of your brand. Our range packaging creatives will show you how some small, medium size, boutique, and creative brands have used the first touchpoint of their brand – a box – to stand out about the competition and be seen.



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